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Title: Never Let Me Go
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: Unreleased
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I can be your Nancy, You can be my Sid,
Get into some trouble like our parents did


“you can’t wear that!!!! people will get the wrong impression!!!”

the impression that i am a hot babe with an ass that just won’t quit???? honey that ain’t wrong that’s just fact

Natalie Wood. Photographed by Bill Ray. (1963)


[12 year old kid from the 50s who plays baseball voice] why i oughta


I’ve direct eight pictures. I’ve worked with a lot of young people.I’ve never met anyone with the ability of Dean. He cannot be compared with any actor, present or past. - Nicholas Ray

I liken it to a kind of star or a comet that fell through the sky and everybody still talks about it. They say ‘Ah, remember the night when you saw that shooting star?’ - Julie Harris

We cannot speak of cinema without mentioning the name of James Dean, the freshly plucked fleur du mal, James Dean, who is cinema, in the same sense as Lillian Gish, Chaplin, Ingrid Bergman, etc. - Francois Truffaut

We are as caught up by James Dean as was the first generation, experiencing that tender, romantic, marvelously masochistic identification with the boy who does everything wrong because he cares so much. And because Dean died young and hard, he is not just another actor who outlived his myth and became ordinary in stale roles. He is the symbol of misunderstood youth. - Pauline Kael

Jimmy stands clear and unique in a world where much is synthetic and dishonest and drab. He came and rearranged our molecules. - Stewart Stern.

James Byron Dean [Feb. 8, 1931 - Sept. 30, 1955]

Plein Soleil (1960), dir. René Clément.

James Byron Dean
(February 8, 1931 – September 30, 1955)

"What I remember most about him was the little boy quality shining forth at you from behind those thick glasses of his, tearing at your heart. He had that extreme and touching idealism of youth which made you wish that he would never have to be disillusioned. Now he won’t be."
— Louella Parsons


Sharon photographed by Orlando Suero in 1966.

Anita Ekberg in Back from Eternity (1956)

Marlon Brando photographed by Art Shay, 1950. 

Joan Crawford , photographed by Clarence Sinclair Bull. 1933


I just wanted him to love me. I wanted more, lots of more. Tons. I wanted him to want me as much as I wanted him. I didn’t care if it would work or not. I was happy to hear him read Macbeth at midnight, just to listen to the sound of his voice. - Diane Keaton


Romy Schneider in Boccaccio 70. 1962.

Cinematographer: Giuseppe Rotunno